Lok'tar ogar friends!

Who are we?


Horde Yakka is (funnily enough) a Horde guild on the oceanic server of Jubei'thos. We are currently recruiting for the shadowlands expansion, particularly in the hope of securing enough numbers to engage in mythic raiding. Check out the about us page for a bit more detailed information about who we are and the type of content we are involved in.

Why now?


With the pre-patch just around the corner, many players will be coming back to the game after their respective hiatuses to try out new characters and new builds. With lots of people keen to do content again on a variety of characters, it's a great time to get back into the game and meet new people.


Why us?

Horde Yakka has been around since vanilla WoW. As a result the current guild has a wide scope of players who have different goals in what they want out of the game. A lot of us work and have family commitments, but still very much enjoy pushing content as high as we can. Above all else though, the game is a social experience that helps us stay connected. If that experience sounds like something you might enjoy, you'll probably fit in well with our community.

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Member Profiles - 


Sorbied is the guild's resident class specialist. He has a max level geared character of every class in the game but somehow cannot play any of them well.

Sorbied will be levelling four death knights in the new expansion before abandoning them all to play a backstab rogue.

Honour our Heritage and History

The legacy of Warlords of Draenor:


While widely considered a lacklustre expansion with regard to content, WoD saw many great advances in engineering with many players cooped up in their garrisons. One such creation was the swapblaster. While initially designed for harmless shenanigans, the swapblaster soon became a means to speak truth to power and rise up against the ruling classes.

The history of this guild is closely intertwined with those who have wielded the swapblaster, both for order and chaos. We are pleased to announce a series that looks back on these moments of our history.


What is the last swapblasterer?

The last swapblasterer is a chronicle of important guild events. Relive the assassination of Duke Krava in Blackrock Foundry, the great Punkin'ing, Crayongate and all the events leading up to the fourth age of bans.