A few words from our managing director and minister of trains:

Oh, I didn't see you there. Tena koe. My name is Shaddai and welcome to the guild page for Horde Yakka. I am the 14th managing director of the guild, succeeding my predecessor after a Kiwi combat ritual in the great lockdown of May 2020. Without further ado, let me tell you a little bit about who we are as a guild and what we are presently looking for in terms of recruitment.


What sort of guild is Horde Yakka?

Horde Yakka is, content-wise, a heroic raiding guild. A good portion of our guild members have been playing the game in some form since TBC or earlier. A lot has changed since then and many of us now balance our time in game with professional, educational and family commitments. In a general sense, HY tries to straddle that weird space between hardcore and casual raiding. To be fair this is pretty challenging for the guild, especially in some previous expansions that have had elements of a grind.

Essentially our members want to see the highest difficulty content we can as a team within the constraints of our real life responsibilities. You'll hear a bit more about this later when we talk about why the guild wants to try and move into mythic raiding.


What other content?

Given numbers, mythic plus is quite popular in the guild and there are usually at least a few teams funning keys of various levels in prime time.

Most PvP in the guild tends to be a bit more casual and more focussed on world events but there are members who are interested in doing larger scale rated content if the numbers could be secured.

Above all, the guild tries to have a bit of a relaxed attitude and not take itself too seriously as you may have noticed from a few parts of this site. 

Our guild is primarily comprised of Australian players on the east coast, although we have several kiwi members as well.

Why are we recruiting?

Our current issue as a guild is that we are completing heroic content relatively early in the patch cycle, leaving raiders with not a whole lot to do until further content is released without the numbers to make an attempt at mythic.

Presently we are blessed with ample tanking and healing characters, but not enough dps to fill the remaining spots.

Now, the important thing to note here is that we are not expecting to immediately become a guild that can clear all mythic content in a single tier on our first foray in. There's going to be a lot of wipes, but if that sounds like it could be fun with the right people, contact an officer in game for a chat.

Raid times are 7:30pm EST Thursday and Monday.


"In Tien we trust"